Sunday Link Love #1

Each Sunday, I will post links to blog posts, articles and resources pertaining to body image, eating disorders, or that provide insights or prompt thoughtful reflection on building a healthy perspective on living. I hope you find these interesting and helpful.

BI-Link Love

10 Ways to Recognize Orthorexia By Sarah Horne Grose at The Cut

Numbers – Thinking Out Loud 7/31 by Cait at Beyond Bananas

Health and Happiness: Why Dieting Won’t Bring You Either By Allison Epstein at Adios Barbie

Chuck Out Envy, Comparison and Judgment by Lucie at Fit Swiss Chick

I Know The Secret To Skinny by Davida at The Healthy Maven

What Really Matters by Liz at I Heart Vegetables

Happy Weight Series: Improving Body Confidence by DK at Delicious Knowledge

How To Feel Picture Perfect by Meredith at The Cookie ChRUNicles

How To Support People’s Health Issues Without Fat Shaming By Allison Epstein at Adios Barbie

Fatphobia: A Guide for the Disbeliever by Kitty Stryker at The Huffington Post

A Weight Lifted: Balancing a Healthy Lifestyle by Angie Lee

Why We Need to Change How We Talk About Working Out by Rachel Grate at Hello Giggles

Three Things Not To Say To Someone In Recovery – And Three to Try Instead By Allison Epstein at Adios Barbie 

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